Smar Transmitters Assembled in Venezuela

Eleinca C.A. is one of Venezuela´s major companies for process control and instrumentation. Eleinca has been a Smar partner for 15 years. They initiated the assembly of Smar pressure and temperature transmitters in Venezuela.

The LD300 pressure transmitter and TT300 temperature transmitter assembly lines were previously in operation at Eleinca. In late August, they were certified by Factory Mutual (FM) which is the American company responsible for the test and validation of products and systems worldwide.

One of the main reasons Factory Mutual was required in the certification of the production facility in Venezuela was to facilitate the sales of Smar equipment to PDVSA, Petróleo de Venezuela S.A., one of the largest oil companies in the world. In order to have the quality of its products certified to this stringent standard, the Venezuelan state oil company carried out extensive tests on its transmitters and was presented with exceptional and positive evaluation results.

“This is a new approach in establishing business. In just one month, Smar quickly surpassed its sales in previous years”, declares Swen Rodulfo Baechler, Business Manager for the Oil and Gas Division.