SMAR Upgrades TT301 Temperature Transmitter

The SMAR TT301 HART Temperature Transmitter has been upgraded to include new features and benefits. The TT301 can now work with two sensors simultaneously (each sensor connected to two wires), providing the minimum, maximum and temperature average from both sensors.

With Sensor Backup mode, the TT301 will use the second sensor if the first sensor’s signal fails. With all the reliability provided by TT301, this is an added feature to guarantee measurement safety and integrity.

In addition, the equipment introduces the Match Sensor feature. This resource decreases error in temperature measurement and optimizes the coefficients provided by the RTD manufacturer (Callender Van Dusen equation). The T301 can now acknowledge the PT1000 sensor, thereby increasing its capability with a large list of thermocouples and RTDs.

For more information, please visit the product website at: www.smar.com/products/tt301.asp