Smar Wins Powerful Partner in India

Savita Chemicals is the largest petrochemical company in India and has recently acquired a considered number of Smar LD301 level transmitters to measure storage tank volume. The installation of these transmitters was so successful that the company now intends to replace other devices in each of its three facilities with the equipment manufactured by Smar Brazil. “We have used instrumentation from companies worldwide, but only Smar provided us with the desired results, by supplying equipment with the required accuracy”, states S. N. Deshpande, Maintenance Manager at Savita.

The company is located in Mumbai and produces oil for transformers, lubricants, wax, paraffin and petroleum jelly. They are a supplier of petrochemicals for major companies in India. Smar sales in India have increased significantly since 1992 with the local industrial boost, states Rajendra Mehta, Smar Director. “India’s economy is growing from 9 to 10 percent a year, and we continue to meet the technology demand”, he explains. Smar accelerated its plans and has recently appointed both a local representative and an integrator, Chino-Laxons and IndPro. Both of the companies have been Smar partners since 2002.