SMAR´s competence in Profibus and AS-interface attested by certification


As PROFIBUS and AS-i are technologies proven in thousand of applications all over the world, it is essentialfor automation system projects using this engineering to count on highly skilled professionals to guarantee a successful result.

For this reason, SMAR has developed Brazil´s best qualified team for digital automation network analysis, configuration, commissioning, startup and installations.  Thousand of Profibus and AS-interface points are checked and certified in multiple applications and the most varied industrial segments, to ensure, in addition to conformity with standards, more advantages in:


  • Increased network performance and trustability;
  • Reduced commissioning, startup and stoppage times;
  • Preventive and predictive work in possible failures on installations and communication signals;
  • Incremented operational safety with the suggested improvements;
  • Increased operational performance and global costs reduction in operation and maintenance, among others.


SMAR provides the client with detailed reports with information and technical analysis, to emphasize the points not compliant to standards, the required corrections and the suggestion for improvements.

According to Cesar Cassiolato, Marketing and Quality Director, SMAR always searches for excellence. “All of the projects will be accomplished and guaranteed when the networks will be checked and certified in conformity with Profibus International and AS-i International standards and specs, with shorter terms and smaller costs and an easier way to successful results”. He also explains that the work is performed under strict criteria and detailed information to enable continued network improvement.

The success of a Profibus or AS-i project is intimately related to the status of their installations. SMAR gives priority to excellence since the earlier project stages, specifications and the acquisition of the materials, mounting and physical conditions, always aiming to achieve the best possible quality.

Furthermore, if discrepancies are detected in relaton to standards, SMAR carries out the corrections and improvements to meet the most severe requirements. For more than 30 years in the market, SMAR has proven its excellence and know-how in network certification, as world leading Fieldbus company, due to:

  • manufacturing products with Profibus-DP, Profibus-PA and AS-I /ASIC technology;
  • having the largest Profibus-PA industrial park in Latin America;
  • responsible for several Success Cases publicized gy Profibus International;
  • being one of the founders of Profibus Brazil-Latin America Association;
  • being a member of the Presidency and Board of Directors of same associaton; 
  • having a staff member as one of the two technical directors  of the Profibus Competence Center of São Carlos/USP university;
  • participation in the Profibus definitions and standards groups;
  • having staff engineers certified in Profibus Technology from the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK;
  • having highly qualified applications engineers in Profibus and  AS-i projects;
  • having Brazil´s largest qualified team for Profibus and AS-i configuration, commissioning, startup and installations;
  • in addition, the fact that the Profibus-PA physical means (IEC 61158-2) is the same as the Foundation Fieldbus one.