SYSTEM302-7 and its success in the biofuel market

Brazil has made great progress in consolidating the technical production of biofuel from sugar cane. By 2012, the ethanol market is expected to be worth US$15 billion.

Digital networks are used extensively and today over 50% of new sugar and ethanol plants use PROFIBUS.

New projects include Tropical Bioenergia S.A., which has approximately 1000 PROFIBUS nodes connected to SMAR DFI302 DF73 controllers with SYSTEM302-7, a hybrid control system with decentralized architecture, which enabled this facility to quickly double production.

In September 2007, Santa Elisa Distillery and SMAR signed a contract for the complete automation of 4 new plants This distillery is owned by the Santelisa-Vale Group, one of the major sugar-ethanol producers. The deal involves the supply of SYSTEM302-7 plus all instrumentation using PROFIBUS. It also includes the infrastructure of a Center of Integrated Operations (COI) similar to the successful Santa Elisa COI.

Included are more than 3200 SMAR PROFIBUS PA field instruments and 4 supervision and control systems that include 21 DF73 DP-V1 CPUs per unit. AS-I technology is used for on-off valves and sensors. Two of the units – Ituiutaba and Itumbiara - are scheduled to start grinding in July 2008 and the other two - Campina Verde and Platina - in May 2009.

Another facility – Usina Tropical, in Edéia, Goiás state – is part of the deal. It was contracted in June 2007, with project and conditions similar to the other four plants.

All projects are integrated by Studio, a SYSTEM302-7 component that makes it possible to easily manage the software required.

One fourth of the primary energy used in Brazil comes from biomasses, a unique situation in the world. The position today, and the projected situation for 2012/13 are shown below.

César Cassiolato, SMAR Product Manager
Leandro Torres, SMAR Systems Manager
Marcus Vinicius Ribeiro – SMAR Sugar & Ethanol Application Manager

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