SYSTEM302-7 Benefits Demonstrated All Over Latin America

Professionals in multiple cities in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Argentina have got to know the many benefits brought by SYSTEM302-7 new version of the SMAR control systems, launched recently by the Brazilian company to meet the needs of the automation industry.

Developed innovatively and focused on results, the SYSTEM302-7 offers several advantages for operational safety and excellence. This control systems uniqueness lies on its Ethernet-based infrastructure, which permits the use standard and non-standard communication protocols like the HSE (High Speed Ethernet). Its comprehensive and totally digital platform supports worldwide accepted protocols as Foundation fieldbus™, HART, AS-Interface (AS-i), DeviceNet, Modbus, PROFIBUS-DP e PROFIBUS-PA.

In Brazil, the product was introduced in many industrialized cities in the Northeast, Center South and South regions, including Rio, São Paulo and Porto Alegre. “These events are fundamental to promote the technical benefits and competitive differentials brought by the SYSTEM302-7 to the market”, explains César Cassiolato, SMAR marketing director. “We developed a system that meets all the specific client needs, while offering more productivity with less investments”, says he.

Ronaldo S.N. Manzano, Rhodia (Rhône-Poulenc) senior maintenance engineer in Paulinia, SP, attended the event held in São Paulo. In his opinion, cost reduction in projects, simplified maintenance, standardization, scalability and more information are the main benefits offered by the product. “With the SYSTEM302-7 in operation for one year, there was significant improvement in the performance of our control system”, he states.