SYSTEM302-7 Main Topic at Houston Training Course

Participants of the SYSTEM302 training at SMAR International, Houston, Texas - USA

A SMAR Brazil team gathered with sales and technical representatives at the SMAR International Co. offices in Houston, Texas, to deliver a training course on the SYSTEM302. Leandro Torres, Product Manager and Leonardo Mangiapelo, Instructor provided the presentations.

The workshop focused on the SYSTEM302 automation system’s innovative new features and resources, and participants included engineers from SMAR Houston, SMAR International and regional representatives for Anderson Controls, Controlmatics and Industrial Technical Services, from locations in the U.S. and Canada.

According to Leandro Torres, the program focused on updating participants on previous SYSTEM302 versions. The presentation was presented to these new professionals to enable them to publicize the competitive edge of the new SYSTEM302-7 version to the automation market. “The course covered generalities on the technology, technical resources and advantages of the SYSTEM302-7 to our clients, in addition to reiterating the basics on Foundation fieldbus, Profibus, AS-I and OPC”, adds Torres.

During the workshop, attendees could use an individual workstation and demo kit to apply their newly acquired knowledge while utilizing a hands-on practical test application.