SYSTEM302-7 Training Provided To Shell Nigeria

The SMAR Training Center recently welcomed a team of engineers from Shell Nigéria for training on the SYSTEM302. The Shell engineering team operate in diverse parts of the world in the exploration, production and refining of oil, production and transport of gas, manufacture of chemical products and research, and viability of power plants.

The SYSTEM302 / FOUNDATION fieldbus Training Program Training was provided by Engineers Marco Cesar de Oliveira and Andres Luiz Abreu Araújo. Training was presented using information from the main modules and through the implementation of both theoretical and practical exercises. This training is an extension of other courses in fieldbus and is dedicated to end-users interested in becoming more familiar with FOUNDATION fieldbus technology and SYSTEM302. The extensive training helps those in attendance in the planning, development and implementation of Foundation fieldbus projects.

Marco Cesar, SMAR Training Manager teaching SYSTEM302 technology to Shell Nigeria customers

For the systems engineer of Shell, Sydney Enadeghe, the training surpassed his expectations. “The experience received with this training was without doubt of great advantage for me, assisting me in the basic understanding of the FOUNDATION fieldbus technology, its standards and also in the implementation of control and automation. Also it provided a great improvement in my performance as an engineer of systems in real time, in the maintenance and support of the SMAR SYSTEM302”, assures Enadeghe.