SYSTEM302 enterprise automation solution

As part of its SYSTEM302 enterprise automation solution, Smar is releasing a new series of High Speed Ethernet (HSE) controllers. These advanced devices offer enhanced connectivity and increased control capabilities thanks to the most advanced control technology of today—the FOUNDATION fieldbus™ function block programming language.

The comprehensive new series of Smar controllers share very important functionalities. They are all connected to HSE for supervision and horizontal control, and each model has specific field-level network connections (FOUNDATION fieldbus H1, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, AS-I and Modbus). The controllers can also access conventional signals from a variety of discrete and analog I/O cards.

The key enabler of FOUNDATION fieldbus control is the improved flexibility achieved via Flexible Function Blocks (FFBs) wrapping IEC 61131-3 programming languages. This structure supports the use of several different communication technologies and conventional signaling in a single, integrated and transparent environment for engineering, operation and maintenance.

The implementation of FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 (31.25 kbit/s) was a big step. However, as demonstrated by Smar’s SYSTEM302, broader benefits are achieved with a digital architecture using HSE as the core communication backbone of control systems.