SYSTEM302 Implemented at Cerveceria Centroamericana Brewery

Cervecería Centroamericana brewery is located in Guatemala, in the Caribbean, and recently implemented SYSTEM302 based on FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus with OPC (OLE for process control). The technology was chosen by the brewery as the best technical solution for the monitoring and control of its crude water pumping area.

SYSTEM302 was installed to monitor, control and generate reports of the process. The continuous and logic controls are executed almost entirely with FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus devices and communicate with transmitters of different manufacturers. Throughout the process, interoperability and control were verified with SYSTEM302.

As the natural water sources are located more than 6 km from the brewery and include several production and monitoring wells, the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus solution from Smar proved to be an economic solution in producing substantial cost savings in both the installation and loop cost of the control system.

"SYSTEM302 also provides open characteristics that can be utilized at the field level and in the remote integration, through an optical fiber with DCS (Distributed Control System)", comments Rodolfo Piedra, General Director of Control y Automatización - Smar Representative in Costa Rica.

"The SYSTEM302 installation in Cervecería Centroamericana will be an example for many companies in Central America who are looking to improve results and increase cost savings and benefits", analyzes Gustavo Trovo, Smar Commercial Coordinator of the project.