System302 is Major Highlight at IICT Seminar in India

In October 2006, Smar participated with its India representative, Chino-Laxsons, in a seminar on Foundation Fieldbus promoted by the Indian Institute of Chemistry Technology. The event took place in Hyderabad, one of the main R&D centers in India. The R&D facility was developed by the Central Laboratories of Scientific and Industrial Investigation of Hyderabad State and was officially recognized by the state government in 1944.

Since its foundation, the institute has been devoted entirely to chemical research and has developed innovative processes related to numerous indispensable products in supporting the populace, including food, pharmaceuticals and electrical power. The R&D work is focused on technology development, transfer and marketing. Smar´s presence was highlighted with informative presentations by Applications Engineer Adriano Teixeira, who emphasized the advantages of Foundation Fieldbus technology.

Max Ludewig, Smar Business Development Manager, presented the Smar business profile, its product lines and detailed data on the internationally approved System302.

“The event gave participants insight regarding the innovations that are available with the Foundation Fieldbus protocol. It also provided increased visibility of the global acceptance of Smar’s DCS System302, which encouraged Smar to further pursue implementation of this state-of-the-art technology in India”, said Ludewig.