Technical Articles: Important Link between SMAR and its Clients

SMAR Technical ArticlesFeaturing interesting and ongoing subjects on the industrial automation market, SMAR has dedicated special attention on the release of Technical Articles . This powerful communication tool is a valuable two-way street between the SMAR team of collaborators, as an incentive for their continuous updating as well as for its clients, who receive useful information on current issues.

Besides sending the information via e-mail, SMAR makes available in its web site all the articles released, classified by specific segments:


  • Sugar and Ethanol;
  • HART;
  • SMAR Didactical;
  • Valve Positioner;
  • Profibus;
  • Platform for Process Control and Automation;
  • SIS – Safety Instrumented Systems;
  • Process Control System;
  • Density Transmitter;
  • Level Transmitter;
  • Pressure and Flow Transmitter;
  • Position Transmitter.


César Cassiolato, SMAR Director of Marketing , Quality, Technical Assistance and Industrial Installations, explains that this new communication channel has been a company differential feature. “By publicizing this material, we provide key technical information to the market and its professionals, who have reacted very positively, including with suggestions for specific themes”.

To SMAR it is fundamental to interact with the community furnishing high quality technical subjects. “To us, company personnel and article writers, it has been gratifying to receive client  comments, suggestions and compliments”, concludes Cassiolato, a constant contributor himself.


Access: SMAR Technical Articles