The Açucareira Corona S/A has updated the plant with PROFIBUS PA

The Açucareira Corona S/A, one of the most important Mill in the Sugar & Alcohol market, has updated its plant during the first semester of 2005, in Bonfim unit. The updating was done by using a system with PROFIBUS technology. This assures a refined diagnostic achievement of the entire plant, in alliance with high quality information. There are approximately one hundred SMAR PROFIBUS PA field devices assuring efficiency to the alcohol production process, in its 1 million liter/day capable distillery.

This is another great Brazilian project with PROFIBUS technology and one of the pioneers in the sugar & alcohol area around the world. SMAR, leader in this segment, has provided besides the PROFIBUS PA equipments, all the system integration.

The plant’s investments, considering transmitters and services reached nearly U$ 135.000,00. The market acceptance rate and the protocol’s reliability, installation facilities, simplicity of configuration and easy maintenance were the main factors that induced to the PROFIBUS choice. These factors were observed by the Corona’s Automation Group before reaching the project definition.

The architecture and project conception were done in teamwork by Corona’s technical area and Smar. All the system integration was made by Smar National Application Engineering team, from the electrical project and PROFIBUS DP and PA networks to PLC, remote unities and supervisory system.

The startup success was granted by the well-prepared Smar Technical Support due to its large experience in field buses.

Transmitters and positioners are from Smar. They are distributed through 5 channels connected to PA network. The provided equipments were: LD303 (pressure, level and flow transmitter), TT303 (temperature transmitter), IF303 (4-20mA to Profibus PA converter), FI303 (PA to 4-20mA converter), and FY303 (control valve positioner).

In the project, DP network achieves 50m length and PA networks 200m. In PA network, 5 channels were distributed among 6 distillation columns, ferment preparation and brewing bowls. The Pepperl-Fuchs SK2 set consists of 1 gateway + 05 Power Link couplers, providing the PA physical layer / DP network conversion.

Arquitetura geral do Sistema According to Corona, the major economy was in the commissioning costs, training and startup time. At the moment, the following benefits are outstanding: supervisory actualization speed, configuration and instruments integration facilities, easy data acquisition and network expansion, besides the problems resolution agility due to the diagnostic tools.

“The Profibus technology choice, allied to the Smar partnership in the system implementation was fundamental for this application success. In 13 days it was possible to put the plant in operation, with no problems or complications. The Profibus network stability, as well as the monitored and controlled process variables actualization is totally fantastic. It was fundamental in this project the Smar involvement with its Application Engineering (Eng. Julio Souza) from the early definitions to the installation startup, since this was the differential that granted the great success of this project” – José Ernesto Braz –Electrical and Instrumentation Supervisor – Açucareira CORONA.

Leandro H. B. Torres
National Application Engineering – SMAR

Júlio César de Souza
National Application Engineering – SMAR