Usina Bonfim acquires SMAR´s newest PROFIBUS products


Usina Bonfim, has acquired the new DF97 SMAR PROFIBUS line controller among other products. This equipment has independent communication channels for DP and PA protocols.  Besides the DF97, were also installed the RD400 guided waves level transmitter, the HMI (Human Machine Interface) for local visualization, and field devices such as LD300 pressure transmitters and TT300 temperature transmitters.

Among the jobs executed by SMAR are the automation of reducers, the resetting of PLCs, boilers and conveyor belts, effluents treatment, the protection against evaporated condensation, turbine variables monitoring on the new electric generation system, management supervisory update and field devices mechanical and electric installation.

With the installation of these equipments, which will be functioning in the 2010/2011 crop, the plant will improve the visualization of process variables, a more reliable control system and consequently the increase in plant productivity, stability and safety. Usina Bonfim already has SMAR instruments installed in other sectors such as evaporators and boilers, and now concludes the implementation of a cooker system that will be in operation during the current crop.

Usina Bonfim, located in Guariba, SP, is a Cosan Group’s plant in the region with a daily milling capacity of 24 thousand tons of sugar cane that also keeps a close relationship with SMAR, which has contributed to the client´s excellent performance in the agribusiness sector. The use of SMAR-PROFIBUS technology has provided the Plant with up-to-date, low-cost process control solutions.