Usina São Francisco Boiler is automated by SMAR

SMAR and Usina São Francisco, in Sertãozinho, SP, concluded one more deal. SMAR is supplying the automation for a 67 kgf/cm² boiler, including field instruments, panels, engineering services and also network technologies for automation, as PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA and ASi. The facility started up last April and the project included SMAR field devices as LD303 pressure and level transmitters and FY303 valve positioners.

The automation will allow the boiler to be operated by a single individual control station, simplifying the operation and improving the process efficiency.

SMAR has worked in close cooperation with Usina São Francisco for a long time and supplied field devices also for other areas of the plant. "This project confirms the reliability and robustness of SMAR equipments for the control of high pressure boilers, besides other industrial processes. It confirms SMAR´s expertise with PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA and ASi technologies", comments Applications Engineer Derek Stesse.


Boiler automated by SMAR