WIG and SMAR Partnership

With operations worldwide, SMAR maintains a partnership with many national representatives to promote their products. It is an ongoing effort to market the technology at the local level that requires the quality relationships with professionals in the field in order to make that direct contact with the end users. According to SMAR Business Manager Carlos Miranda, Serbia is an expressive growing market and requires such industrial modernization and expansion that has become a key target in addressing requirements for development and economic advances using the company´s high tech solutions.

WIG is the SMAR representative in Serbia and is based in Belgrade. Providing Serbian market with state-of-the-art systems sales and engineering for field instrumentation and control, in addition to a SMAR Certified Integrator Partnership.

“WIG houses a highly trained and specialized technical team to provide the local market with the best technological solutions available. They have made considerable investments to add technical support and associated personnel to accommodate the region’s process control growth”, adds Miranda.

This partnership has already resulted in securing a number of important industrial projects in Serbia.

Projects include:

  • Lukoil Macedonia. Petrol Terminal “Brilliant” Štip (railway decant, fuel tank storage, truck loading/unloading facility).
  • NIS Naftagas Novi Sad. Collecting main station to supply Linde Gas Bečej with CO2 gas (raw material).
  • Zeolite BSB Probištip. Manufacture of zeolites and water glass.
  • “Birač” Zvornik. Manufacture of alumina and the vertical calcination kiln for alumina.
  • Kostolac. Thermal power plant and mines.
  • Srbijagas Novi Sad / PSG Banatski dvor. Modernization of field instrumentation in energy block A2 / 210 MW. All projects started, concluded and delivered to the customers in a package which includes training programs that enable them to completely utilize and maintain all equipment.


  • Russal Moscow. Manufacture of aluminum in Podgorica. New static calcinations kiln for alumina.
  • NIS Petrol. Oil refinery Pančevo. New C5/C6 isomerization (main holder of project Tchnip / Petrolinvest & Foster Wheeler, according to Axens Paris license).
  • NIS Petrol. Oil refinery Pančevo / Modernization of field instruments and control system for custody transfer to jetty on Danube river.

Every project outlined above implemented the most advanced solutions with Foundation fieldbus technology. SMAR provided around the clock specialized technical service in Belgrade to support these clients.

Bulevar A. Carnojevica 26/27, YU-11070 Novi - Belgrade
Phone: +38 1 11 311 0780
Fax: +38 1 11 311 0623