World’s Largest Biscuit Factory Utilizes Brazilian Automation

Parle Products have been in the market since 1939 in India, and they are leading world producers with an annual output of 180 million kilos. In India alone, Parle accounts for 40% of the sales market as well as exporting to several countries in Asia and the Middle East.

Located in Northern India at Beharaich (near Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh state), the industry has provided premium quality and healthy products for the Indian market. It focuses on the nutrition of its products in order to provide dietary supplementation for its consumers in India, a country which still suffers from malnutrition despite its tenth position in the world economy. Factory size and the significant impact to the country were so powerful that building a sugar plant became mandatory, as it would enable sugar to be produced locally and with major cost savings to Parle Products. This is one of the substantial raw materials required for confectionery production.

Aware of the importance of the Indian biscuit industry, Smar began its negotiations through their local Systems Integrator, Indpro, in Pune, Maharashtra State. In 2006, the factory produced its first automated sugar crop with the Smar technology and processed 2,500 tons of sugar cane daily. Smar also supplied LC700 programmable logic controllers to oversee the entire process, in addition to other 4 to 20 mA field devices to facilitate the operation. Smar systems and devices control a number of sections in the factory. Its process control includes the crushers, boilers and cookers through three integrated stations which have been interconnected by fiber optics.

“Smar has been present in the Indian market for more then a decade, although Brazil´s success has been much more noticeable recently. Smar’s visibility has increased due to reliable suppliers with developed and considerable technology experience as well as related investment availability”, explains Max Ludewig, Smar Business Manager. India accounts for almost 10 percent of Smar´s international market activities. The country is the second largest sugar producer - second only to Brazil – and is undergoing significant increases in growth while attracting suppliers. Smar has provided automation for several of the more than 600 industries in the country.