Nova Smar and Baldota are awarded by ISA Marashtra Section in Mumbai, India

Nova Smar and Baldota were honored by the ISA Marashtra Section with the Excellence in Technical Innovation Award for the work “The New Standard for Industrial Control Systems in the Industry 4.0” witch Eng. Douglas Fábio presented at (PPPA) Power, Petroleum and Process Automation Meet 2020 in Mumbai, India. Also both companies exhibited their product lines for Automation and Industrial Process Control.

In order to bring together all the stake holders, the automation users, manufacturers, consultants, EPC companies and academicians to facilitate contribution of latest information and expertise for POWER, PETROLEUM and PROCESS industry domain, ISA Marashtra Section organized a power packed Conference, Exhibition and Symposium on 7th and 8th of Feb 2020, at Hotel TAJ, SANTACRUZ, Mumbai, and theme “Intelligence simplified with futuristic automation”.

The Indian Power, Petroleum and Process Industry is now undergoing modernization, expansion and transformation especially under the emergence of the new trends in the technology digitalization. The field of Automation and Instrumentation Technology in the process automation segment is trying to get maximum advantages out of the rapid advancements in the Information Technology and Operational Technology. To share the common knowledge among these Industry Segments and learn the various technology advances in the Power, Oil & Gas as well as Process Industry Segment, ISA Maharashtra Section has taken a unique initiative to bring the expertise from these segments on one common platform of this PPPA EVENT in India.
ISA Maharashtra Section was formed almost 28 years back has become a platform for end users, consultants, OEMs and systems integrators to provide "End-to-End Solutions". On this platform "End Users, Consultants & OEMs" exchange their knowledge, experiences and technology, to constantly gain an edge in their profession as automation engineers and at the same time help other segments related to automation society including Engineering Students, Academia, Research institutes.