Nova Smar participated in Vision Tech 2023

On October 26 and 27, Nova Smar took part in Vision Tech Summit, which took place at the JP Royal Tulip Hotel in Ribeirão Preto, SP. Representing Nova Smar were Adriano Corteze, Marketing and Mateus Souza, Applications Engineering, accompanied by Paulo Ribeiro and Washington Barros, Instrumatic Sales, including Libânio Carlos de Souza and Delcio Prizon, who represented Nova Smar on two panels.

Vision Tech is an event organized by Visão Agro together with Gatua and aims to transmit innovative technology content to the market, with a special focus on Brazilian agribusiness.

The event featured two days of activities including lectures, panel discussions, data presentations and practical demonstrations.

Nova Smar was invited to take part in the panel debate that took place on the second day with the theme "Debate Industry", where Delcio Prizon, manager of technological intelligence, represented the company and was mediated by Márcio Venturelli, coordinator of SENAI Sertãozinho and Carlos Paiola from Usina São Francisco.

In the afternoon, Nova Smar sponsored the Debate Panel with the theme "Tomorrow's Industry: An in-depth look at digital transformation", in which Libânio Carlos de Souza, CEO, took part and Paulo Roberto Gallo, CEO of Servserth, mediated.