Nova Smar took part in the face-to-face meeting of The Open Group in Houston/TX USA, which took place between October 30 and November 2

Through a series of talks (EA for Sustainability, Cyber Security and Zero Trust, Open Industry Standards and Digital Enterprises) and the views of a variety of distinguished experts, esteemed government officials, visionary industry leaders and experienced practitioners, this event focused on the role of Information Technology in addressing existing and emerging global challenges to enable a secure and sustainable future. These sessions focused on some key aspects of IT sustainability and cyber security and how they are interdependent in achieving this future.

Led by the Open Group Open Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF), the security roundtable event focused on current best practices for supply chain security and contributions to discussions that will enhance the Open Trusted Technology Provider™ (O-TTPS) standard.

There were also workshops, including: Introduction to the O-PAS™ standard for engineering, procurement and construction companies.

Brazil was represented by Petrobras and Nova Smar through its CEO Mr. Libanio Carlos de Souza.

From left to right: Gabriel Albuquerque - Automation and Instrumentation Project Manager at Petrobras, Juliana Fernandes Araujo - Information analyst at IesBrazil Technology & Innovation, Roberto Severo - Country Manager of The Open Group Brazil, Libanio Carlos de Souza - President Director of Nova Smar and Pedro Vieira - ERP Project Manager for Petrobras Businesses.

O-PAS presentation

Visit Exxon Mobil's facilities to see its testing laboratory with O-PAS technology