OTC - Offshore Technology Conference

The OTC - Offshore Technology Conference, is the world's largest petroleum event. The fair brings together professionals from 130 countries and is an important "showcase" for the development of business with virtually the entire global oil industry.
Nova Smar S/A participated in the event from May 02 to 05 in Houston-USA as an exhibitor together with its distributor and local representative for all United States and Canada, INSTRUMATIC, with the purpose of searching for investments and business opportunities showing its state-of-the-art technology and equipment with an exclusive attention to fiscal measurement with custody transfer through the Auditflow HFC302 Flow Computer.

Ricardo Argolo (Executive Director - Nova Smar) just to the representatives for the USA and Canada Silvio and Wagner (Instrumatic)

Mr. Tejas Mehta (SWME), NovaSmar representative in Dubai, honoring our space at OTC with the reception of Douglas Fabio (Coordinator Eng. Applications - Nova Smar) and Ricardo Argolo (Executive Director - Nova Smar)

Ricado Argolo (Executive Director - Nova Smar) receiving the Nova Smar representatives Armando and Gustavo from ESCO - Argentina together with the kindness of Silvio (Instrumatic)

Ricardo Argolo (Executive Director - Nova Smar) receiving the Nova Smar representative in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Venkatesh from the company AL ABDULKARIM, together with our collaborator Douglas Fabio (Coordinator of Applications Engineering).

Douglas Fabio (Coordinator of Applications Engineering) receiving Mariele (APEX) with support from Ricardo Argolo (Executive Director - Nova Smar) - Mariele enabling contacts for promising negotiations in the areas of Oil and Gas

Moments of relaxation

Team responsible for the future success of the Smar brand in the USA and Canada
Douglas Fabio (Application Engineering Coordinator), Silvio and Wagner (Instrumatic) and Ricardo Hungria (Nova Smar - USA)