SMAR: A consolidated provider of automation for the co-generation of energy in India


With 37 years operating in the Brazilian sugar-energetic market, SMAR has also won the Indian market, where it has strengthened itself as major supplier of automation for co-generation of electricity.

Currently, SMAR is rendering services to three power stations: Nandi SSK, Parle Biscuit and Danyaneshwas Sugars. This year, the company will also include Vasantdada Sugars and Vishwas Sugars.

Estimates are that the projects, which use SYSTEM302 and CPU DF75, start operating by this mid year. Indpro, SMAR representative in India, is responsible for the Project and the action of professionals accredited by the program of certification of SMAR integrators.

Adriano Teixeira, SMAR Business Manager, explains that India is, together with Brazil, the world´s largest producer of sugar. “To us, Smar people, is very satisfying to repeat our accomplishment in India, as we did back home. We have been active in the Indian market for over 10 years, but since 2002 our local representative helped strengthen this work”, he concludes.