SMAR HSE Xi Proxy Server to be included in the next generation of SYSTEM302 – Enterprise Automation

SMAR HSE Xi Proxy Server to be included in the next generation of SYSTEM302 – Enterprise Automation.


HOUSTON - SMAR announced the re­lease of the SMAR HSE Xi Proxy Server which will be included in the next SYSTEM302 versions.


The SYSTEM302 is built on OPC technology. Following this trend, SMAR joined the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) and Ex­press Interface (Xi) working groups at the beginning.


SYSTEM302 is ready to be connected via Xi, and continue working on migration to OPC-UA, as OPC-UA will provide SYSTEM302 users even greater value. Xi complements OPC UA and can easily be implemented to front-end OPC DA (Data Access), OPC HDA (Historical Data) and OPC AE (Alarms & Events) servers.


Xi is a communication interface specification designed for fast and secure communication through firewalls. The interface is easy to implement and use. It is based on MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and .NET3.5 WCF (Windows Communication Founda­tion). It is designed to be a native interface for communication between Microsoft based clients and servers.


SMAR SYSTEM302 migration path to Service Oriented Architecture

Integration between the control system and execution (MES: Manufacturing Execution Systems) and business (ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning) is an extremely important feature for sys­tem integrators given the vast number of available products in the market. It is very important to select products that can interoperate between and at each level of the control hier­archy. Some Process Automation Systems (PAS) such as SMAR’s SYSTEM302 have an open software platform, currently providing full connectivity through OPC-DA, OPC-AE, and OPC-HDA based on Windows DCOM. Xi is rising as an even more powerful and secure approach for promoting interoperability between all levels in the control hierarchy.


Advanced Enterprise Integration

Some plant personnel throughout an enterprise have no access to the control room, but are in need of process data to make deci­sions. SYSTEM302 can serve as the connection mechanism for the organization. For example, each plant may have a team dedicated to improving performance. The software the team utilizes needs access to process data, control loops, computing variability, error, output, standard deviation. Additionally the teams need to detect oscillation.


SYSTEM302 processes information from ERP and MES.

When a customer places an order it comes in through the ERP. At the start of the production process information trickles down to the control system. Setpoint values for pressure, temperature, batch sizes for ingredients and other recipe properties are all pro­cessed by SYSTEM302.


This scenario achieves complete automation when SYStem302 is networked with the rest of the enterprise.



Investments applied to SYSTEM302 as an open software platform will allow end-users to be prepared to migrate to the Xi interface from DCOM-based OPC. This migration should serve as a smooth path enabling users to take full advantages of web services.


About SMAR:

Founded in 1974, SMAR is recognized as one of the global leaders in controls and instrumentation for process and manufacturing automation. The company maintains operations in eight countries, as well as an extensive, international network of distributors and representatives. SMAR has pioneered many of today’s advanced digital field instrument and control network technologies. This is consolidated in a broad product offering based on the industry-standard HART, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and Profibus, Modbus and OPC protocols.


SMAR’s powerful, fieldbus-based SYSTEM302-7 has gained promi­nence as a “best-in-class” industrial automation solution in instal­lations around the world. In addition, SMAR’s complete system integration capabilities include one of the industry’s widest selec­tions of field devices, interfaces, integrated circuits and software.


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