SMAR Manager of Digital Marketing becomes the Profibus Association Marketing Director

Adriano Oliveira, SMAR Digital Marketing Manager was appointed Marketing Director by the Profibus Association Brazil-Latin-America. With the entity for three and half years, Oliveira was previously Digital Marketing Coordinator and Director of Communication and Information Technology.

He was invited for the position by the President of the Association, Marcos Padovan, of Sense. “I am proud of being part of this organization. The Profibus technology grows exponentially every year and the Association is instrumental in collaborating for this success. Having the opportunity for exchanging experiences with highly qualified professionals and being responsible for the institutional image of this important organization is excellent”, he states.

The Association´s Marketing Direction current action program includes the elaboration of a Strategic Planning, which, in conjunction with the Executive Direction, will strengthen the name of the institution in the market, as well as publicize its activities and increase the number of members.

Adriano has started to work, even being a new-comer in the Administration. “The migration of the corporate site for a new platform, compliant to the standards of the Profibus International Germany, is already under way, in addition to the elaboration of the Strategic Plan for the Road Show on the principal Brazilian capitals in 2011.

The Marketing Direction of the Profibus Association Latin America is responsible for:

  • Develop the strategic planning, jointly with the Executive Direction, for organizing and controlling the activities of Marketing, Brand Managing, Promotions and Events, Publicity and Advertising, Press Relations, Membership Relationship, Public Relations and Social Responsibility;
  • Invest in Digital Marketing to reinforce the brand-name and release information on the Association via e-mails and other publications;
  • Structure actions and campaigns of publicity of product and services of Association members;
  • Management of  media plan for publicity, including content and language, studies on financial results to enable investments in communication projects;
  • Administration of brand-name resources and validation of bids for sponsorship, exchanges or support for protection and reinforcement of the corporate image;
  • Management of press relations, approval of press releases, direction of agenda and conduction of press conferences;
  • Organization of events, including national and international technical and commemorative seminars, with focus on brand strengthening and the generation of new relationships for the association;
  • Institutional relations with stakeholders, including public and private bodies, and coordination of activities involving Social Responsibility;
  • Supplier management: news, public relations and  advertising agencies,  among other services.


Profibus Association, Brazil Latin America

A private, free-associative entity, whose main objective is the development of the market, promotion of knowledge and the information on the technologies of the Profibus communication protocol.



“Obtain financial, productivity and performance gains for all users of automation systems worldwide and therefore become the favorite fieldbus technology for the manufacture and process areas”.



The Profibus Brasil Association was founded on May 10, 1990, having as main objective to release information on the Profibus standards and enable the integration and cooperation among the companies that use these protocols. Profibus International is organized around the world, over more than 23 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania. For more information on Profibus, contact the e-mail address

SMAR is a founding member of the Profibus Brazil Latin America Association.