Tietê Agroindustrial Plant conducts training on the LC700 and LC800 PLC line

Nova Smar held on February 8, 2022 , practical training with the LC700 and LC800 controllers line, at Tietê Ubarana's unit, located in the city of Ubarana-SP. Tietê Agroindutrial has been a Nova Smar customer for almost three decades. The realization of this training comes to consecrate our mission to provide solutions and dissemination of knowledge acquired over all these years.

Nova Smar is very proud to be able to count on this long-lasting partnership, knowing that our systems are so robust that they have been meeting the needs of our clients for so long, bringing foreign exchange and generating jobs in all industrial sectors.

Even though we already have more modern product lines, we still have several industrial parks with older systems, which only reinforces our mission to always elaborate products with high robustness in order to produce more and more efficiently and with increased productivity.

Our work as a supplier of products with highly advanced technology and engineering has always aimed at this productive efficiency that has been achieved over many decades of development.

This achieved robustness serves as a reason for our development team to continue producing more and more innovative solutions for the industrial market.

May this partnership extend for many more decades to come.