The opening of the oil and gas market has transformed Brazil into one of the most promising countries in the world for business in this sector. Forecasts indicate that Brazilian oil and gas production should double, which places the oil industry among the most dynamic segments of the national economy, with direct impacts on employment and income.

The oil and gas sector has shown enormous potential for economic and financial leverage, given its multiplier impact on other production chains.

In the Brazilian scenario, the participation of gas in the energy matrix is ​​still timid. For many productive sectors, the switch to NG has special relevance for their competitiveness and, in the particular case of the electricity sector, gas constitutes an engine of institutional evolution in several countries.

The prospects for the expansion of the natural gas market are that the government will maintain its intention to increase the participation of gas in the energy matrix and, like several market segments, the oil and gas segment is going through a moment of great investment. , where the search for results, improvement of processes, management, quality and reliability of information, operational security and cost reduction have been the main objectives. Therefore, the intelligent use of information becomes indispensable in order to identify opportunities for improvement in processes.

Keeping up with the market needs, SMAR positions itself with automation solutions that range from factory floor control and going beyond the advanced information management scenario, providing benefits to its users. as its tanking system in fieldbus technology, SMAR provides the market with the best solutions in fiscal measurements and custody transfer.

SMAR through SYSTEM302 and its architecture based on networks, with the most diverse industrial protocols, asset management and MES solution, allows easy integration with the various control units. In addition, SYSTEM302 provides visibility from the -factory to corporate level with open solutions, easy to integrate with DCSs, PLCs and instrumentation. SMAR solutions have high robustness, high availability, with different levels of redundancy and high performance instrumentation.

The oil and gas segment has in SMAR a great ally for supplies. This achievement is due to SMAR's high technological standard, where the market demands strict requirements from the norms of the oil industries related to flow measurement and tank levels.

One of SMAR's differentials is its pioneering spirit and leadership in Fieldbus technology, recognized worldwide in the oil and gas market due to its ease of integration and its modern distributed control architecture. In addition to providing more information with high reliability, it also reduces installation (cables, trays, panels, etc.), operation and maintenance costs.