The global pharmaceutical market is expected to move US$ 1.3 trillion by 2020, which will double the amount moved today, due to the growing demand for medicines and preventive treatments. Emerging countries such as Brazil, China, India, Mexico and Russia are expected to account for a fifth of sales in this sector.

Like any market segment, the pharmaceutical industry seeks results, process improvement, cost reduction and operational excellence. Therefore, the intelligent use of information becomes indispensable in order to identify opportunities for improvement in processes.

Keeping up with the market needs, SMAR positions itself with automation solutions that range from factory floor control and going beyond the advanced information management scenario, providing benefits to its users.

SMAR through SYSTEM302 and its architecture based on networks, with the most diverse industrial protocols, intelligent instrumentation, asset management, allows easy integration with the various control units. In addition, SYSTEM302 provides visibility from the shop floor to the enterprise level with open solutions, easily integrated with DCSs, PLCs and instrumentation. SMAR solutions have high robustness, high availability, with different levels of redundancy and high performance instrumentation.