LC700 Configuration Tool

The CONF700 is a Windows based software designed for configuring the LC700 Universal Hybrid Programmable Controller. It has a powerful user interface which is easy to use and learn.

CONF700 uses 'Ladder Logic', an easy configuration language. Its elements are Coils, Relays and Function Blocks to build a Configuration. The user will be able to define the hardware for the LC700 controller, design the control logic using Ladder Logic based on IEC-61131-3, define User Functions, test and also optimize the configuration. CONF700 also includes tools for monitoring and editing variables and parameters online.

The control strategy is achieved with Logical Networks in a Ladder style that supports hybridization with a rich library of built-in Function Blocks. The number of Logic Networks is only limited by the memory size. An included Network Manager supports enabling, disabling and changing of the execution order of Networks.

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