Taglist700 - OPC Server

Tag List Generator

The Tag List Generator, for LC700 and DF65, are tool software especially designed to configure the database of LC700 OPC Server and DF65 OPC Server, respectively.

The LC700 OPC server and DF65 OPC Server are the OPC Servers responsible for updating the data for an OPC client (supervision systems for example).

The Tag List Generators are developed to work with serial and/or Ethernet communication using the Modbus protocol for communication with slave devices (Modbus RTU on the serial communication, and Modbus TCP on the Ethernet communication).

The LC700 OPC Server and DF65 OPC Server support path redundancy, so the user can configure an alternative path for data reading in case of failure in the main path.

The Tag List Generators are easy handling software, with friendly interfaces, used every time a new configuration is created, or any configuration change in their respective CPUs.

The Tag List Generators as well as the LC700 OPC Server and DF65 OPC Server were developed over the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP6/ Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista (32/64), Windows 7 (32/64), Windows 8 (32/64) y Windows 10 (32/64) platform.

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