Tank Measurement

The TM302 and TMView Measurement System was designed for International Standards focusing applications like inventory control, custody transfer, weel test using tank and leak detection.

Based on AuditFlow – Flow Measurement System where the application is the fiscal measurement and custody transfer, the Smar innovate incorporating the characteristic of audit trail to Tank Measurement System, although there is no international standard applicable.

There is a special treatment for audit trail. It allows verify the calculations taken place in the TM302, access restriction to parameters which affect the flow calculation and configuration log, reports on occurence of process alarms and events, besides providing the QTR (Quantity Transaction Report) reports. Another important feature to attend the applications mentioned above is the data security to warrant the authenticity of presented data in the reports.

As the system architecture is based on SYSTEM302, many concepts and system components have detailed descriptions in specific manuals. Thus, there are some pre requirements before reading this manual, which are:

  • Syscon User Manual
  • Smar OLE Server Manual
  • Function Blocks Manual

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