Nova Smar S/A has a sector dedicated to the Technical Assistance Service of its products, guaranteeing the safety and reliability that only the manufacturer can provide.

Phone.: +55 16 3946-3599

Product Shipment for Report and Repair
Rua Augusto Zanini, 895. Jardim Sumaré. CEP 14170-100.
Sertãozinho, SP.

Attention: When forwarding the product for Revisions, ensure that it is accompanied by the Decontamination Declaration duly filled in, confirming that the product has been properly decontaminated and that it is safe to handle.

CEPEL certification
SMAR brand products intended for use and installation in potentially explosive atmospheres are developed and manufactured following specific standards. In the Brazilian market, the certificate of conformity is issued by the product certification body CEPEL based on INMETRO ordinance n.179 of 05/18/2010.
CEPEL certificate

Attention: All products that are supplied to the market with CEPEL Certification are traced according to regulatory requirements and any modification made to these products without the express and formal authorization of the manufacturer invalidates their certification.

Genuine Parts
The parts replaced in the repairs are factory originals with an ISO9001 certified traceability guarantee.
ISO 9001:2015 certificate

To consult or verify the traceability of the SMAR product, contact our technical support at

Specialized Technical Assistance
High standard of customer service for the brand.

Parts and Service Warranty
12-month warranty on parts and services performed by the Service Department, ensuring the quality and reliability of the brand.
Warranty term

Technical capacitation
The maintenance of the brand's products is carried out by trained and qualified professionals at the factory.

Security and Reliability
Products are evaluated, tested and validated in accordance with manufacturing procedures.

Service with transparency, adequate deadlines and in the best cost-benefit condition.

Customer Service

Administrative Period: +55 16 3946-3509

24-hour on-call service: +55 16 3946-3599

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