Steel & Mining

Like any market segment, mining and steel is going through a time of great investment, with mergers of large groups, where the search for results, improvement of processes and cost reduction have been the main objectives. Therefore, the intelligent use of information becomes indispensable in order to identify opportunities for improvement in processes.

Keeping up with the market needs, SMAR positions itself with automation solutions that range from factory floor control and going beyond the advanced information management scenario, providing benefits to its users.

SMAR through SYSTEM302 and its architecture based on networks, with the most diverse industrial protocols, telemetry solutions, asset management and MES solution, allows easy integration with the various control units and decentralized units common in this segment. SYSTEM302 provides visibility from the shop floor to the corporate level with open solutions, easy to integrate with DCSs, PLCs and instrumentation. SMAR solutions have high robustness, high availability, with different levels of redundancy and high-end instrumentation performance.