Certification of DP/PA Profibus and AS-i Networks at Raizen Company facility

During the current semester, the Bonfim unit of Raizen Company carried out the certification of its PROFIBUS-DP, PROFIBUS-PA networks and As-interface. The process was executed by Smar, whose technical team was headed by Smar Engineer and Director, Cesar Cassiolato, aiming at

  • Enable the conformity of the PROFIBUS network on the field, in compliance with the PROFIBUS standard.
  • Enable that the PROFIBUS installations and signal levels meet the PROFIBUS standard.
  • Identify possible installation failures.
  • Identify possible communication failures.
  • Enable the minimal correct configuration conditions of the network and the equipment.
  • Increment network performance and reliability.
  • Reduce plant stoppage times.
  • Enable preventive and predictive action on possible failures in communication installations and signals.
  • Increment the operational safety with the suggested improvements.
  • Increase operation performance and reduce operational and maintenance global total costs.

The survey was documented with photos, oscilloscope screens, topology, etc, besides showing the conditions of electromechanical interconnections, wiring, derivations, passage boxes, panels, grounding, shielding, isolation, humidity, in addition to the minimal conditions to establish communications, etc. The field job was headed by Isaias Martins Pinto, Smar Project Engineering and Services technician.  

Gilmar Aparecido Martimiano da Silva, Bonfim unit Industrial Manager, states: “The results were excellent, with the continuous operation of the plant, a thing we didn´t have before. The plant high availability and continuous run we achieved good production figures. Smar technical group identified situations for corrections and improvements, released reports with causes and effects,  supervised  the work and then analyzed again  the entire procedures, thereby guaranteeing the positive results and the conformity with Profibus DP, PA and AS-i networks. This was a differentiated, extremely important and high level work. Our team accompanied the job, had access to the results and today is well prepared to ensure the continuity of the results. We are now on the stage of benefitting from the digital technologies”.

The Bonfim unit technical team was coordinated by Danilo Carlos Cedran accompanied the whole process and is today fully prepared with the technical knowledge in Profibus and AS-i networks. As he put it, “the process was precise and detailed and our system currently operates with high availability”.