Integrate the AS-i Controller to the SMAR Control and Automation Platform and improve your plant performance

César Cassiolato

DF81 – HSE/AS-i Controller

This module of the DFI302 – Process Control and Automation Platform came out of the need for one more line of discrete equipment in the industry.

The DF81 – HSE/AS-i Controller is the SMAR AS-i solution included in its SYSTEM302 – Process Control System, whose main feature is to work as an HSE - AS-i gateway to provide more connectivity and flexibility to the system.

This flexibility on the control strategies project with the DF81 - HSE/AS-i Controller makes possible the communication between field devices and other industrial communication protocols. In addition, its project meets complete solutions for distributed control in networks, including configuration and analysis functions, parameterization and acquisition of device data through the AS-i network configuration tool.

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Main DF81 - HSE/AS-i Controller functional characteristics are:

  • Gateway between HSE and AS-i;
  • AS-i master based on version 2.1 (except for analog data), with 2 AS-i communication channels;
  • Up to 124 AS-i slaves (62 slaves per channel – version 2.1);
  • Access via internal bus for up to 64 conventional input/output modules;
  • Ethernet communication (FOUNDATION™ HSE and/or Modbus TCP);
  • EIA-232 serial communication (Modbus RTU and local diagnostic);
  • Instantiation capacity for up to 1200 IEC-61131 Function Blocks;
  • Diagrams and up to 100 FOUNDATION fieldbus Function Blocks;
  • Flexible function block instantiation capacity;
  • Discrete control through Ladder language in compliance with IEC 61131;
  • Advanced control;
  • Support to SNMP, time stamp, and OPC communication;
  • Integrated webserver for diagnostic and parameterization;
  • Modular structure for DIN rail;
  • Air cooling without fan.

For more information see page DF81 – HSE/AS-i Controller.