Training in SYSTEM302 Foundation Fieldbus Maintenance


The SYSTEM302 Foundation Fieldbus maintenance training module presents the tools and procedures to set, calibrate and replace general hardware & software components available at Smar SYSTEM302 package.


The participant will be able to

  • Understand the Foundation fieldbus technology and benefits
  • Know the SYSTEM302 components to Foundation Fieldbus technology support
  • Adjust, commit and start FF network applications
  • Understand the status propagation & safe limits concepts
  • Apply the maintenance procedures and software utilities for SYSTEM302 components



  • Foundation Fieldbus technology and its installation aspects
  • SYSTEM302 architecture applied to Foundation Fieldbus technology
  • FF network settings & monitoring
    • Procedures for communicating with FF field devices
    • Addressing, commissioning and discharge configuration
    • FF function blocks parameterization and monitoring (RES, TRD, DSP, AI, AO)
  • FF redundant applications
  • Device description files & EDDL technology
  • Network protection and intrinsic safety applicatrions
  • SYSTEM302 utilities and maintenance procedures
    • DF63/63 Smar HSE FF Procedures maintenance procedures
    • SYSTEM302 field devices installation, maintenance and calibration
      • Pressure and temperature transmitters
      • Signal converters
      • Valve positioning and position transmitter
      • Concentration/density transmitter
      • H1 remote interfaces
    • Replacing mechanical/electronic sensors and circuit boards
    • Cleaning and preventive maintenance
    • Firmware download
    • Replacing controllers and H1 field devices
  • FBView – Fieldbus Analyzer
  • AssetView - Online Plant Asset Management System


Knowledge of industrial automation and computers (Windows environment)


Program length
32 hours (4 working days)

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