Training in SYSTEM302 HSE DF73/95/97 PROFIBUS Controllers


This training module introduces Smar SYTEM302 architecture to PROFIBUS technology focusing the system configuration aspects, I/O variables mapping tools, system communication network environment and operational tools.


The participant will be able to

  • Understand PROFIBUS techonology
  • Understand SYTEM302 architecture to PROFIBUS technology
  • Apply PROFIBUS-PA function blocks configuration
  • Understand OPC Communication – supervisory system
  • Configure 4-20mA/HART, MODBUS, logic and discrete applications
  • Optimize and set PROFIBUS network communication
  • Apply system operational tools



  • PROFIBUS technology
    • PROFIBUS DP & PA levels
    • PROFIBUS-DP level description
      • RS-485 Serial and MODBUS communication
      • PROFIBUS-DP network topology
    • PROFIBUS-PA level description
    • IEC-61158-2
    • PROFIBUS-PA network topology
  • PROFIBUS installation aspects
    • PROFIBUS DP/PA components and accessories
      • Cabling, power supply and terminators
      • Coupler, Link, Repeaters and Junction Boxes
    • Spur and trunks length recommendations
    • Network topology
    • Network protection aspects
  • SYSTEM302 architecture applied to PROFIBUS technology
    • SYSTEM302 Software Installation
    • Database Configuration
    • License Utility
    • Network Communication Settings
    • System operational tools
  • PROFIBUS cyclic configuration
    • 4-20mA/HART, logic and discrete configuration
    • Flexible function block (FFB) applications
    • PROFIBUS-PA function blocks and I/O mapping tools
    • DF73/95/97 HSE Processors practices
    • Advanced I/O mapping: Sensors, Start/Stop Motors, Frequency Inverters, ON/OFF Valves, etc
    • SYSCON, LOGICVIEW & NETCONF software applications
    • MODBUS and other industrial automation protocols integration
    • FDT/DTM and EDDL technologies integration
    • OPC communication – supervisory system
    • DF73/95/97 in redundant architectures
      • Media, ports, power supply, I/O cards and master availability
    • SimulationView – SYSTEM302 software simulation tool
  • Multi-User system application
  • System maintenance aspects
    • Firmware Download
    • Devices and components replacement


Knowledge of industrial automation, programmable controllers and computers (Windows environment)


Program length
32 hours (4 working days)

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