Training in SYSTEM302 PROFIBUS Maintenance


The SYSTEM302 PROFIBUS Maintenance Training module presents the tools and procedures to set, calibrate, replace general hardware and software components available at Smar system.


The participant will be able to

  • Understand the PROFIBUS technology and benefits
  • Smar architecture and components for PROFIBUS technology
  • Adjust and run general applications involving PROFIBUS networks
  • Apply devices and system components troubleshooting in compliance with  PROFIBUS protocol and SYSTEM302 general recommendations



  • PROFIBUS technology and installation aspects
  • SYSTEM302 architecture applied to PROFIBUS technology
  • Network settings and function blocks monitoring
    • Function blocks configuration using ProfibusView Software and SD1 interface
    • Function blocks parameterization (RES, TRD, DSP, AI, AO)
    • Network devices communication procedures
    • Addressing, commissioning and download configuration procedures
    • GSD files, FDT/DTM and EDDL technologies
  • System redundancy aspects
  • Network protection and intrinsic safety applications
  • System utilities and maintenance procedures
    • Maintenance procedures to DF73, D95 and DF97 HSE processors
    • Smar PROFIBUS-PA Field Devices Maintenance & Calibration Procedures
      • Pressure  and temperature transmitters
      • Signal converters
      • Valve positioning and position transmitter
      • Concentration/Density transmitter
      • H1 remote interfaces
    • Mechanical / Electronic sensors and circuit boards replacements
    • Cleaning and Preventive devices maintenance procedures
    • Firmware download
    • Replacing Controllers and H1 Field Devices
  • PROFIBUS networks frame monitoring
  • AssetView – Online Asset Management System


Knowledge of industrial automation and computers (Windows environment)


Program length
32 hours (4 working days)

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