Training in SYSTEM302 Programmable Controllers HSE DF75/89


DF75 and DF89 HSE Programmable Controllers are the eighth generation of Smar Controllers and it reflects our experimence in several controlling areas, covering the applications in petrochemical industries, sanitation, pharmaceutical, nutrition, sugar mills, energy generation, pollution controlling among other ones.


This training module will cover the product installation, configuration tools and general maintenance procedures.


The participant will be able to

  • Understand DF75 and DF89 HSE processors features and functions
  • Use the SYSCON and LOGICVIEW configuration tools
  • Apply the several and different types of Analog and Discrete I/O cards available
  • Configure the HSE controllers to redundant applications
  • Apply specific function blocks and cards for MODBUS applications
  • Understand the supervision aspects through the OPC standard
  • Apply product troubleshooting and maintenance procedures



  • Smar SYSTEM302 architecture
  • DF89 and DF75 functional description and features
  • SYSTEM302 software installation
    • Database configuration
    • License utility
    • Network communication settings
    • System operational tools
  • System I/O modules introduction
  • LADDER Logic and function blocks applications
  • MODBUS integration
  • DF75/89 in redundant architectures
    • Media, ports, power supply, I/O cards  and master availability
  • Connectivity with other protocols used in industrial automation
  • OPC Communication  - Supervision Aspects
  • Multi-User system application
  • SYSTEM302 maintenance aspects
    • SYSTEM302 studio maintenance utilities
    • Firmware download, devices replacement and commissioning
    • System troubleshooting and DF75/89 maintenance procedures
    • Network protection and installation aspects


Knowledge of industrial automation, programmable controllers and computers (Windows environment)


Program length
24 hours (3 working days)

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