Training in SYSTEM302 SMAR PROFIBUS-PA Products


The PROFIBUS-PA Products Training module introduces Smar field devices installation, parameterization, integration and product general maintenance procedures.


The participant will be able to

  • Get acquainted with PROFIBUS technology and benefits
  • Understand PROFIBUS PA function blocks and network topologies
  • Apply Smar ProfibusView software and SD1 magnetic screwdriver to configure PA devices and network components
  • Understand the Smar solution to PROFIBUS-PA integration
  • Apply general maintenance procedures to Smar PROFIBUS-PA field devices



  • PROFIBUS architecture and PA installation aspects
  • PROFIBUS-PA function blocks configuration
    • Physical, I/Os, transducers, display & integration blocks
    • ProfibusView Software and SD1 configuration applications
    • GSD files, FDT/DTM and EDDL technologies
  • Smar PROFIBUS-PA field devices introduction
    • Pressure and temperature transmitters
    • Signal converters
    • Valve Positioning and position transmitter
    • Concentration/density transmitter
    • H1 remote interfaces
  • Smar PROFIBUS PA field devices installation and operational procedures
  • Smar PROFIBUS-PA field devices maintenance procedures
    • I/O transducers settings
    • Smar transmitters I/O calibration
    • Troubleshooting
    • Mechanical / electronic sensors and circuit boards replacement
    • Cleaning and preventive procedures
    • Firmware download - FBTools
  • Smar SYSTEM302 architecture applied to PROFIBUS solution


Knowledge of industrial automation and computers (Windows environment)


 Program length
24 hours (3 working days)

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